Friday, April 21, 2006


This was the...slowest...week...ever....It was my first week back from spring break, which was fairly uneventful itself, other than the memorial, assembly, and good service time I got in, but this week just dragged on and on. This is not to say I have been lacking in things to do, oh no. I was swamped on all sides by my teachers' last ditch efforts to teach us, but it was all so...sluggish. Next week promises to be just as awful: 3 (4?) days of STAR testing followed by a Friday and Monday of Trig finals + the essay for US History (about the effects of Puritan and Frontier heritage on the behavior of Americans in times of crisis)+ the unit final in US History + the skit in Drama 2 I was supposed to perform today, but we ran out of time + costume crew + that poem I have to write for Creative writing + my life! And that's just next week! Oh yeah, + the debate on THE EXISTENCE OF GOD that I have to do with this guy who has totally different, unbending beliefs no matter how much I try to reason with him.

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