Monday, December 11, 2006

OK I just turned in my senior project, which means I can breathe for the next 4 months until senior boards...that is, if I passed.

Well, I had better pass!!!! I am NOT doing another one! No way! I am so sick of having no life. I have no time for friends or having fun of any sort. I barely have time to write this, and that's only because I was in such a frenzy this morning that I left my self-portrait at home. Technically, I should be working on my Gov/Econ Final, but my brain is so numb (technically, I guess everyone's brains always are...) from over 63 1/6 hours of work on this project that I might confuse Milton Friedman with the the star of Driving Miss Daisy.


It's not even that I have no time for fun; I barely eke in personal study time, and my service time could be...better. Which is why I better pass.

I HAVE to!

We had to include proof of the process of our project, but I couldn't get the pictures off the digital camera I was borrowing, so I turned it in with the rest of my stuff. Never before has a project been completed so last minute. 1st Block I was at Placer Elementary reading my book to 2nd graders, and 3rd block I was turning it into my Gov/Econ teacher...

one more: *sigh*

I better pass...

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