Sunday, February 18, 2007

Greetings, people of the light...

Hello. Do not be alarmed. This is merely an experiment to see how my brain functions at...1:36 AM. Considering how long it took me to remember (as in, look at the clock on my taskbar) the proper formatting of the AM thing-a-majig, I'd have to say...not so good. You see, in the near future, in a less unearthly hour, I will stumble upon this post, and I will then be able to judge for a certainty the level of deterioration my mind experiences when it is not allowed its necassary 19 1/2 hours of sleep. PEOPLE APPLY STRING THEORY TO EVERYTHING IN EVERY WANNABE SCIFI SHOW EVER DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE! Whoa, just blanked out there a bit, hope I didn't write anything totally spastic or insane or in all caps, which is rude if you're not shouting.

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