Monday, May 07, 2007


Kainotophobia: The fear of change. See: Senioritis.

Do I have it? Oh, my yes. Is it contagious? It just may be.

You see, at the age of 18, my life experience is bordering on nil. I don't feel prepared to leave this place they call a school. I believe they call that Stockholme's Syndrome? Anyway, I have merely one Senior Project speech standing between me and graduation. It's as though I've been running hard for the finish line, and now that I can see it, I'm grinding my heels into the dirt and screeching to a desperate hault. The only cure I can see at this time is just that--time. Someone shoving that cap on my head and that diploma in my hand. I should say that crooked, tassle-free cap, as my sister saw fit to put it and my gown in the dryer, which my mother neglected to see. Cardboard irons, right?

My point is, it may not be a good idea to talk to me right now if you are currently working on any goals, as I may not be filled with any advice conducive to that end. My other point is that I'm tired, and therefore done writing this blog, which I was only doing to kill time instead of doing my homework.

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Adam said...

It's normal to be nervous about the transition from youth to adult. A lot of kids look forward to it without realizing the responsibilities it entails. The good thing is that you obviously have a good mind, a sharp wit, and an understanding that being an adult isn't an immediate release into freedom and fun. You are forewarned and forearmed. You'll do fine. Just remember to hold on tight to your faith, stay close to your spiritual family, and everything will be fine.
Remove your heels from the dirt and start walking. You'll enjoy the journey.