Thursday, January 17, 2008

WOW! (A Superlative Way to Say WHY O WHY!!)

I am ill. BUT! There actually is a WOW factor here: I am watching Ellen right now, and guess what?! Like me, she is sitting with a blanket on her lap and not feeling well! Well, I suppose if I'm going to be sick, I may as well be sick on the same day as Ellen...I guess...

Anyway, I have known I was going to get sick for over two weeks now. How? I am just that good. My sisters got sick a few weeks ago, so I assumed that I, of course, would follow. I am, after all, the one in my family who is always sick! But two weeks later, nothing! Then, several days ago, I told my parents that I felt ALMOST sick, as though something was lying dormant. (Oh wow, a pair of elderly folk are dancing to a Gorrilaz song, haHAhahaHA! I love them!). Anyway, I realized yesterday that the main reason I have been so unwilling to plan anything or go anywhere is that somewhere in the back of my mind I have been planning my imminent illness! I realized this was craziness and that I probably already had whatever illness was going around, and therefore was not going to get it.

Of course, this morning I was proven wrong. I have the most ironic life ever.

Well, just so you're not worried about me, it's mostly just a sore throat, mild achiness kind of thing. But if you want to make me soup, far be it from me to discourage a good Samaritan.

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