Saturday, May 27, 2006


You know what I hate? I hate how I never know just how I feel about any one thing at any one time...I mean, I think I know, but then I change my mind later, and I don't know which I really think. The only time I'm ever certain of how I should feel is when I take into account Biblical principles and really study into it, even when it means getting out My Book of Bible Stories, getting back to basics. ;-) Well, I guess what I mean is that I have trouble knowing what I mean half the time. Tomorrow, I'll probably look at this blog and think "What was I thinking?" I keep a handwritten journal, and I'm constantly thinking, "Who is this crazy person???" I write poetry, and people interpret it, and I say "Uh...sure, that's what it means..." because I really don't know, and their interpretation is often better than mine.

I also hate how I have this knowledge of my limitations, but seem to have trouble bringing my self to put forth any sort of effort to fix these. I feel overwhelmed by these limitations to the point where I just end up staring, feeling completely hopeless, and of course that just makes me feel stupider, *cough*, more stupid...

Well, I am typing this paragraph a few days later, and I was right: I am crazy. Wait. That makes no sense. That's a paradox. Never mind.

I just took my pre-calculus final, and I think I did pretty well, except this one problem that I'm not quite sure of...This was my answer at the end:

--> No points of inflection
--> Intervals of concavity: (-infinite, 0) f '(-1)=whatever
therefore inc/dec
(0, infinite)f '(1)=whatever
therefore inc/dec

I think I might have missed something...why would he put that on the final? The only thing keeping it from being (-inf, inf) was the asymptote at zero. So, either I did something wrong, or my teacher is a cheeseface who likes to confuse me. Well, it was my last day in that class, can't change it now!

It was also my last day of U.S. History. That was a great class, great teacher. At the end of class today, after the ENORMOUS final, Mr. Lundberg told us what an awesome class we were, and I thought that was pretty nice, but then he went down all of our names and told us what he thought of each and every one of us. When he got to me, he said "Asia? Asia has a quiet confidence about her. What I like about her is that she knows who she is. She has a very strong faith, too, and she is unwavering in that, and I appreciate that." I thought that was really nice of him.

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