Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Closer and Closer...

This past weekend, I was at the District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. The theme was "Deliverance at Hand". Never before has there been so much emphasis on the fact that we are closer than ever to the last days. Never before have they been so frank and forward about certain subjects that many have brushed off in the past as mere "conscience matters". I wrote them all down as they were given, in very clear list format. The drama made it clear that we need to listen to Jehovah and an accurate knowledge of what his will is is the only way to do this. Otherwise, we could end up like the "man of God", who listened to the old prophet instead of following Jehovah's command. The old prophet said in the drama "I am a prophet, just like you, and an angel of Jehovah told me to ask you to come back and eat with me" ,or something like that. The man convinced himself that this must be all clear with Jehovah and didn't even consult Him in the matter, bringing upon himself dire consequences. This paralelled the Isrealites' attitude toward the apostate orders of Jeraboam and directly relates to us in these critical times where it is so easy to be misled. This district convention will go down into my book of turning points; it made it very clear what is required, and I saw things in myself that I need to take immediate action to change and improve in, with Jehovah's help.

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