Monday, August 14, 2006


Just a few words to say about the recent heightened airport security:

Have things been carried too far? This blogger says: undeniably, yes. My cousin was visiting San Clemente when the whole thing started. For her return trip, she had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to wait in the security lines. Ahead of her, a girl was on the floor crying her eyes out because she had just been forced to throw away all of her obviously new, still-in-the-bag makeup. They also made everyone take off their shoes to go through the detectors (even flip-flops!); when my cousin stopped to tie her shoes afterward, she recieved a stare-down from a security guard who found her actions suspicious.
If one buys the AIRPORT's food, AFTER going through the detectors, they STILL have to throw it away before getting on the plane!

The thing here that really bothers me is that we had this kind of heightened security right after 9/11. Of course no one tries anything during this kind of paranoia, but it always wanes down. People always forget. Besides, if anyone really wanted to get something onto the plane, they could. I guarantee it. Oh, and if one is with a baby? They get to keep the baby food. Like they'd be above taking a baby with them.

"We should just get our own planes and become pilots," I jokingly said to my cousin. But, no. She went on to tell me that a pilot friend of ours who has a personal plane also has to deal with this. When under high security, he has to have his plane searched.

I don't know who they think they're kidding. They can't stop anything if the person really want to do it. It's all just a show, if you ask me. But then didn't.

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Abdur said...

Asia, you really crack me up at times.